Leather Lounge Cleaning

Remember when you first bought your brand new leather lounge, that soft fresh and supple feel?

What if I told you that you could have that as new feeling back again, for a life time! With regular cleaning this is possible.

Leather gets dirty over time and if not looked after it will lose its new look and feel and the life of your valuable investment will be compromised.

Let us bring back that “as new” look and feel to your leather lounges.

We protect your leather with a leather cream which is applied after cleaning.

E Kay Cleaning Services have been cleaning leather lounges  forever,  and have thousands of satisfied clients all over Sydney

All our work is guaranteed, so there is no reason at all to put off having your leather lounge cleaning any longer.

So why not enjoy the look, feel of your clean leather furniture again.

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Other services include carpet, upholstery, mattress cleaning , tile and grout, as well as carpet repairs. Get in touch today to book your Leather Cleaning Service!