Welcome to our frequently asked questions page. Here we will attempt to answer some of the most common and concerning questions asked by customers. If you have a question about carpet cleaning that is not answered here, please call me on 9680 3500 and I will be happy to help.

Q: How soon can I walk on my carpet?

A: Straight away! Although depending on the weather Drying time is usually between 2 and 6 hrs for steam cleaning and less than half that time for Dry Cleaning.

Q: What system of carpet cleaning do you use?

A: We use both Hot Water Extraction ( Steam Cleaning ), as well as Encapsulation ( a form of Dry Cleaning ). The reason we have both methods is different carpet with different stains all need to be treated differently. In some cases both a required to give you a good finish.

Q: Is it true that once I have my carpets cleaned they get dirty again quicker?

A: Only when the carpet cleaner ( whom is usually not accredited ) does not rinse the carpet free from detergent properly. If proper rinsing does not occur the remaining detergent acts like a magnet to dirt.

Q: What are carpet beetles?

A: Carpet beetles, carpet bugs are also sometimes referred to as protein bugs. These creatures feed on animal fibres, such as wool carpet, wool jumpers even strands of hair. Their larvae can cause extensive damage to carpets.

Carpet cleaning can remove the beetles and their larvae, however to kill them you will usually need the services of a pest control person.

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