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Doing Tile Cleaning, Indoor Or Out?

Tile floors can get very grubby and tired looking, particularly in high traffic areas like main thorough fares, kitchens, dinning and outdoor spaces. Dirty indoor or outdoor tiles mar the look and feel of the tile as well as the experience.

Remember how much you enjoyed having new tiles, but a few dinner parties or BBQ s later, suddenly the experience was not the same. People actually feel better living in and around a clean environment. The cost of have your tiles cleaned does not have to be prohibitive, being that tile floor cleaning is less frequent than carpet cleaning. So why not get a quote today?

Did you know if your selling your home, getting your tile floors cleaned and looking like new can also provide you with a better return on investment?  We use state of the art high pressure rotary “cleaning and recapture system” to reach deeper into the pores of your tiles and grout, that regular daily cleaning can’t reach. The results are truly amazing, take a look at some of our before and after photos

Our system is suitable for all types of tile floor cleaning and won’t damage your tiles in anyway. Whether it be cleaning of porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles or any tile floor, indoor or outdoor tiles we will provide you with the most amazing cleaning of tile floors you have seen.

E Kay Carpet Cleaning Services is located in Sydney, and conveniently situated to provide my tile cleaning services in Baulkham Hills, Castle Hill, North Sydney, the Northern Beaches, Parramatta and beyond.

Our Mattress Cleaning kills Allergy Causing Dust Mites

Did you know that simply by not having your mattress cleaning done regularly you’re not actually sleeping alone? In fact, you share your bed with an average of 2 million dust mites that can cause severe allergies. 7000 dust mites can fit on a 10-cent coin.

Dust mites feed off dead skin cells which we shed daily by the millions. It is the pathogens and a chemical called ‘Guanine’ in the dust mites excrement that is the real problem. Dust mites excrete nearly twice their body weight each day. It is these chemicals that can and do cause a host of skin and breathing problems including; Eczema, Psoriasis, Sinus, Asthma, Poor sleep, Fatigue, Headaches, Itchy red eyes, Sneezing, Rhinitis.

Most manufactures recommend 6 monthly cleans to help kill and remove these nasties.
In comparison many people think that the bathroom is the dirtiest place in the house in fact it is your bedroom, specifically your mattresses.

Some simple tips on controlling dust mites


Have your mattresses and bedding cleaned regularly. Mattresses ideally every 6 months.


Dust mites thrive in humidity. So once you have had your mattresses cleaned, If possible air out your bedrooms and allow the bare mattress exposed to direct sun light.


If you have a child that is particularly susceptible to allergies try using a latex pillow protector called a “hypo allergenic dust mites pillow protector”.

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